The hospitality industry’s quest for precision and security is taking a leap with the integration of Sezam24 Self-Service Hotel Check-In Kiosk and Hotek’s sophisticated lock systems. This integration is designed to boost guest satisfaction and optimize hotel operations.

Spotlight on Hotek Hospitality Group

Established in 1999, Hotek Hospitality Group excels in providing keycard systems, hotel accessories, and security solutions. Headquartered in Etten-Leur, Hotek supports over 10,000 clients worldwide, spanning hotels, vacation parks, cruise ships, healthcare institutions, and student accommodations.

Overview of Sezam24

Sezam24 Self-Service Hotel Check-In Kiosk is a game-changer for hotel operations, significantly reducing staff workload and enhancing the guest experience with a swift, error-free check-in process.

Integration Process

The integration of Sezam24 with Hotek’s lock systems, whether using Hotek Classic or Hotek Smart locks, is straightforward but slightly varies:

For Hotek Classic Locks:
1. Obtain a USB encoder from Hotek and connect it.
2. Configure the integration server & client software, linking the client PC to the Hotek server.
3. Set up the Hotek Interface Server for TCP Protocol using port 10003.

4. Request Sezam24 support to configure the dispenser with the Hotek encoder.
5. Enter Hotek client IP and port in the Sezam24 panel and activate the proxy.
6. Configure public door settings as needed.

For Hotek Smart Locks:
1. Activate the 99 protocol via Hotek support.
2. Configure the Hotek Interface Server for TCP using port 10003. (see Hotek Calssic screenshot above).
3. Enter Hotek server IP and port in Sezam24 management panel and activate the proxy.
4. Adjust public door configurations as needed.

PMS Room Mapping

To ensure smooth operation, it is vital to map PMS rooms accurately with Hotek IDs for precise keycard encoding, bolstering both security and efficiency.


The synergy between Sezam24 and Hotek marks a pivotal evolution in hotel management technology. By merging Sezam24 cutting-edge check-in kiosks with Hotek advanced lock systems, hotels can provide guests with superior, secure, and efficient experiences, perfectly catering to the digital age’s demands.