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An ingenious kiosk solution that revolutionizes hotel operations, eliminating burdensome tasks for hardworking hoteliers. This state-of-the-art system guarantees a swift and flawless check-in process, saving precious time for discerning guests. Immerse yourself in the sheer convenience of our self-service kiosk, granting you a seamless and stress-free registration experience, while eradicating the possibility of errors committed by hotel personnel. Embrace the unrivaled efficiency and effortless hotel management brought to you by Sezam24 Self-Service Hotel Frontdesk.
Self-Service Hotel Kiosk

What we Do

Automated front-desk

The ultimate solution for a contactless guest check-in & check-out experience. Our system seamlessly integrates with your PMS, offering support in 48 languages and the ability to accept payments. It effortlessly encodes room keys and utilizes AI to facilitate language switching and ID recognition. With remote access, you can efficiently manage reservations, extend guest stays, and relocate them to different rooms.


Search by guest name, OTA or PMS booking reference


Walk-in accomodation


Security deposit management


Accept online and on-site payments


Two-way Integrated with a PMS


Pre-check-in online application


Read and verify IDs and passports


Encode room key

R & D

Helping hoteliers create and enhance their R&D capabilities to drive innovation, boost productivity, and achieve outstanding performance. Sezam24 offers expert assistance in transforming a company’s infrastructure to effectively meet the evolving needs of the hospitality industry.


Advanced integrations with your Property Management, Payment, and Door-lock Systems are crucial for the success of your self-service implementation. These integrations enable automatic invitations to online services, streamline room allocation and payment processes, and facilitate encoding a room key. Moreover, they ensure seamless reservation and guest profile updates. The result is a Property Management System (PMS) that is always up to date, providing accurate financial and registration data. With fully automated processes, guests can enjoy an incredible self-service journey.

Cloud based

Cloud infrastructure and an online monitoring system enable the visualization and tracking of your automated front-desk’s performance. Sezam24 Cloud aggregates real-time data to display information, efficiently manage workloads, and promptly create alerts.

Process Automation

Check-in/check-out automation cuts costs by eliminating the need for front desk staff. Guests can conveniently use a self-service check-in kiosk to make payments, provide their details, and receive their key card. This allows them to bypass the front desk, while capable staff can focus on addressing other important matters.


Technical superiority

Everything is easily configured in-game, empowering you to create the perfect guest journey. No complex setup needed. Customize the GUI with your desired design and effortlessly test the functionality. Designed for quick and seamless use.


The device is immediately ready for use


Custom guest journey


Self-diagnostics and alerts

S24 Air tablet

S24Air portable tablet ensures a smooth and effortless process. Specifically designed for boutique hotels without staff or with semi-attended check-in areas, the revolutionary S24 Air tablet guarantees a seamless and enjoyable experience.

S24Pro indoor

Reliable solution for streamlined hotel management. Our cutting-edge S24Pro indoor kiosk provides a dependable and hassle-free approach to hotel operations. Enjoy the seamless integration of our advanced features and optimize your hotel operations. Discover the boundless opportunities of S24Pro.

S24Eve outdoor

S24Eve outdoor solution offers unparalleled convenience and efficiency. Trust our reliable and user-friendly system to effortlessly streamline check-ins, check-outs, and everything in between. Elevate your hotel management to new heights with the power of S24Eve.

Thinking about an automated hotel?

If you’re looking to enhance your front desk operations, Sezam24 can help with the installation of a modern, cloud-connected self-service kiosk. Making this decision requires careful consideration rather than rushing into it. Our Guide to Installing Self-Service front desk provides valuable assistance. It covers essential questions to ask potential providers and outlines timelines and onboarding processes, ensuring you have a clear understanding of what to expect.

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More and more hoteliers are recognizing the significance of automation in the hospitality industry. At Sezam24, we take pride in our esteemed clientele, who are at the forefront of innovation in hospitality. Discover the trailblazers that we are delighted to call our customers.

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