A high-tech reception quickly and perfectly greets your guests and pass a room key. Reduce your operating costs and improve your business processes without capital investments.

Safe check-in

Meet the guests safe and healthy. The kiosk screen can be disinfected with sanitizer. Additionally you may place near kiosk sanitizer and offer to use it before check-in.

Check-in in 7.3 sec

Incredibly easy and quick check-in. In just 7.3 seconds you can get a key and go to the room. Take care of your guests who are tired their long journey.

Full control

Manage your hotel and reservations remotely. Modify guests’ bookings, relocate them to another room, add additional services and payments from everywhere.

Check-in with Sezam24 hotel kiosks is easy:

Guest enter a booking number

Sezam24 shows to the guest the information about his booking

Guest make a payment (if necessary)

Guest scans a document

Sezam24 send all guest's data to your PMS

Guest confirms his data with digital signature

Sezam 24 is programing and dispenses to the guest a room card which is valid a period according to information in PMS

Sezam24 solutions

Sezam24 Air check-in kiosk

Semi-automated check-in process
Semi-automated check-in system for meeting your hotel’s guests. Guests type their personal data manually. The whole process of check-in is doing with more involvement.
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Sezam24 Pro check-in kiosk

Fully-automated check-in process
The fully automated check-in system, which allows the hotel’s guest to make a registration in seconds. Scanning of documents, programming room cards are automated.
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Sezam24 on-line check-in

Web application for check-in in advance
Before arrival travelers have some time while a trip to make check-in and provide necessary personal data for your property. It will save the time of your guest upon arrival and let you know your guests more and helps you to provide any additional services.
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See the success stories of our clients.

– increase revenue
– satisfied guests
– great reviews
– 24/7 check-in