A high-tech reception quickly and perfectly greets your guests and pass a room key. Reduce your operating costs and improve your business processes without capital investments.

42 languages

Meet guests in their native language for real! Provide your guests with accurate and comprehensive information in any of the 42 languages.

Check-in in 7.3 sec

Incredibly easy and quick check-in. In just 7.3 seconds you can get a key and go to the room. Take care of your guests who are tired their long journey.

Full control

Manage your hotel and reservations remotely. Modify guests’ bookings, relocate them to another room, add additional services and payments from everywhere.

At my hotel, the staff should be available for 24 hours. What are the benefits of using automatic reception?

By automating complex processes such as working with reservations, payment, filling out registration forms, and programming cards that require expensive, lengthy training and staff focus, you can better select staff with well-defined communication skills. When your employees are free from complex and responsible tasks that require attention and concentration, they will be able to immediately respond to requests from guests thereby increasing the quality of service rendered at the hotel.

I always have only 1 receptionist in shift. How can I optimize my front-desk and keep the staff in touch with the guests at the hotel?

If, in addition to the hotel reception, you also have other facilities such as a restaurant, wellness or cafe, then you have a great opportunity to highlight the meeting of guests for all services in a separate process. Thus, instead of having many individuals carry out this many reception functions, you will  get one for all. Working with PMS, processing reservations, payments and communicating with guests by email in this case can be easily taken outside the reception and reduced to a few hours.

How will guests arrive at the hotel if I cancel the reception?

The best option is to install a combined electronic lock with a pin code and a contactless card reader on the front door. Then inform the guests of the PIN code from the front door in the automatic email sent to them after their reservation has been confirmed, so that no unauthorized people will get into the hotel.

How do guests get to know their reservation number in order to register and receive a key?

After booking on any online portal, the guest will receive a reference number, which by using it he will begin the registration. In addition, he will receive emails after booking and before arrival, in which this number will be duplicated along with information about establishment.

What should I do if the guest loses the card or leaves it in the room, and there is no staff in the hotel?

At any time, after checking into a hotel, a guest can receive a duplicate key just in case he loses the key or there is any malfunction. To do this, use the “lost key” option after entering your reservation number, as well as during check-in. The kiosk will give you the duplicate of your lost key and save information about it in the system.
After entering your reservation number, the guest can receive a duplicate card from the room.