Don’t fine your employees for mistakes!

No more training needed for your staff.

Super easy hotel check-in kiosk.

  • greet your guests in many languages
  • no more confusion with room numbers
  • payment is always accurate
  • registration cards are signed and stored
  • keys cards programmed correctly

Simplify you hotel business…

Setup connection with PMS and Door locks

Don’t worry. We will do that for you. Moreover, your classic reception can operate together with an automatic check-in kiosk. Your guests will receive emails 24h prior to check-in with information to to reach your hotel and get an access if front door is locked with the digital code.

Instant receive bookings

Guest can make bookings in front of the hotel and can do check-in with with mobile phone or with check-in kiosk in the hotel lobby within seconds. Every guest will see unpaid booking balance and pay it with the bank card. All payments confirmed and signed by PIN-code or with 3D-secure.

Store payment and guest data into PMS

All guest registration forms with payment information immediately synchronize with the PMS. Guest data, check-in statuses and new payment appears in the PMS automatically. Every guest will receive an individually programmed room card linked with a personal profile.

Easy manage your bookings remotely

Modify reservations, reassign rooms, add payments and charges from your PMS same way as you do that. All modifications will update instantly. Moreover, if room was changed or card was lost it is easy to get a new one with one touch.

The Ultimate

Easy Check-in

  • ID recognition

  • secured payments

  • room card programming

  • on-screen signature

  • multilingual

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Languages in Interface


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