S24Air Self-Service Tablet

The efficient solution for seamlessly guiding your guests to their rooms upon arrival, without requiring excessive space – Sezam24 Hotel Self-Service Hotel Tablet kiosk.


Portable Design

The S24Air tablet hotel check-in kiosk offers a comprehensive solution for autonomous operation. This complete desktop kit is designed to streamline the check-in process, enhancing guest experience and operational efficiency. Equipped with advanced features, it allows guests to check in seamlessly without the need for front desk staff, reducing wait times and improving service quality.

21.5" FullHD display


1000Mbps High-Speed Internet


10-fingers Multitouch Screen


Intel © CPU


External RFID card encoder


External Receipt printer


Desktop/Wall Mount Kit


Advanced Technology

The S24Air tablet hotel check-in kiosk is designed to be exceptionally user-friendly, ensuring that guests can easily navigate the system without requiring any specialized technical skills or prior computer knowledge. This intuitive design allows for a seamless and efficient check-in process, enhancing the overall guest experience. By simplifying the check-in procedure, the S24Air kiosk helps to reduce wait times and streamline operations, making it an ideal solution for hotels aiming to improve customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.


Custom Design


Cloud Connected


Real-Time Monitoring


Open API


What We Offer

ID/Passport Reading

Guests can conveniently verify their identity by simply presenting their ID card or passport to the camera. Our advanced technology enables the automatic transfer of document information directly onto the guest’s registration card.

Accomodation Receipt

After successfully programming a room-card, S24Air ensures guests receive a voucher featuring their assigned room number and navigation details. Our document template allows for personalization with additional information, such as instructions for Internet access and the timings for breakfast. Experience seamless hospitality with S24Air.

Room Key-Card

Guests at S24Air Tablet can conveniently program their room key-card by simply placing it on the external encoder. This secure process ensures that guests can easily and safely program their key-card for seamless access to their room. With our user-friendly system, guests can experience hassle-free check-ins and enjoy a comfortable stay at our hotel.

Secure Payment

Outstanding balance can be conveniently settled online or upon arrival using a bank card, and securely stored in the PMS for hassle-free invoicing.

Guest registration card

The S24Air offers a customizable registration card to cater to the specific needs of your hotel policy. Additional fields can easily be added as required. Once the form is completed, the guest simply signs it, and the data is securely stored in the hotel management system (HMS/PMS).

Search by OTA number or QR code

S24Air offers efficient and seamless booking searches. Whether you have an OTA number from platforms like Booking, Expedia, Airbnb, or others, a PMS reference, guest name, or even a QR code, our system allows for quick and convenient search capabilities.

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