Enhancing Hotel Operations with Protel PMS and Sezam24 Kiosk Integration

The hospitality industry is continuously evolving, and the integration of advanced technologies is pivotal to staying ahead of the curve. Protel PMS users now have a significant advantage with the complete integration of Protel PMS and Sezam24 hotel kiosks. This development allows hoteliers to operate efficiently without the need for reception staff, offering a seamless self-service experience for guests.

Streamlining Check-In Processes

The Sezam24 hotel kiosk is designed to simplify the check-in process. Guests can use the kiosk to read their IDs, make payments, and encode room key cards. This automation not only speeds up the check-in process but also enhances security. The outdoor check-in kiosk ensures that only guests with verified documents can access the hotel premises, maintaining a secure environment.

Versatile Kiosk Solutions for Different Needs

Sezam24 offers various kiosk solutions to cater to different hotel setups. The S24Air tablet hotel kiosk is ideal for small check-in areas and aparthotels, providing a compact yet efficient solution. For larger hotels, the S24Pro indoor hotel kiosk offers fully automated reception operations, ensuring that guests receive prompt service without the need for staff intervention.

Additional Features for Enhanced Guest Experience

The integration of Protel PMS and Sezam24 kiosks brings additional features that further improve the guest experience. Options such as early check-in, handling lost key cards, and a mobile pre-check-in app are available, making the process more convenient for guests. These features not only enhance the quality of service but also help in cutting operational costs.

Competitive Advantage through Self-Service Technology

In today’s competitive market, offering self-service options can set a hotel apart from its competitors. Guests increasingly prefer the convenience of checking in without interacting with hotel staff. By adopting advanced technology like the Protel PMS and Sezam24 integration, hotels can attract more guests and provide a superior experience that traditional hotels may lack.


The integration of Protel PMS with Sezam24 hotel kiosks represents a significant step forward in hotel management. By focusing on improving service quality and reducing operational costs, hoteliers can ensure a better experience for their guests while maintaining a competitive edge in the industry. Embracing this technology is not just about keeping up with trends; it’s about leading the way in hospitality innovation.