Revolutionizing Hotel Management: The Integration of KWHotel PMS with Sezam24 Hotel Kiosk

In the ever-evolving hospitality industry, efficiency and cost-effectiveness are paramount. KWHotel, a Polish-made Property Management System (PMS), has emerged as a game-changer for small and budget hotels. This innovative solution is now integrated with the Sezam24 hotel kiosk, offering a seamless and automated experience for both hotel operators and their guests.

KWHotel PMS: A Budget-Friendly Solution

KWHotel PMS is designed with the needs of small and budget hotels in mind. It offers a comprehensive suite of features that allow hoteliers to manage their properties effectively without incurring high costs. One of the most significant advantages of KWHotel PMS is that it can be started for free, making it an accessible option for businesses looking to optimize their operations without a substantial initial investment.

Seamless Integration with Sezam24 Hotel Kiosk

The integration of KWHotel PMS with the Sezam24 hotel check-in kiosk brings a new level of convenience and automation to hotel management. This synergy allows hotels to operate with minimal human staff, thereby significantly reducing operational costs. Guests can check-in, make payments, and retrieve their room keys directly from the kiosk, streamlining the entire process and enhancing the guest experience.

Automated Check-In and Payments

The combination of KWHotel PMS and Sezam24 hotel check-in kiosk enables automated check-in, allowing guests to bypass the front desk entirely. This feature is particularly beneficial for late arrivals or during peak times, reducing wait times and improving overall guest satisfaction. Additionally, the kiosk can accept payments, further simplifying the check-in process.

Walk-In Reservations

The system also supports walk-in reservations, providing flexibility for guests who have not made prior bookings. This functionality ensures that hotels can maximize occupancy rates and revenue without requiring additional staff to handle last-minute bookings.

Lost Card Retrieval

In the event that a guest loses their room key card, the Sezam24 kiosk can facilitate an easy retrieval process. This feature minimizes disruptions and enhances security by ensuring that only authorized guests can access their rooms.

Enhancing Operational Efficiency

By leveraging the capabilities of KWHotel PMS and Sezam24 kiosk, hotels can achieve significant reductions in operational costs. The automation of routine tasks such as check-ins, payments, and key retrieval allows staff to focus on more critical aspects of hotel management, such as guest services and maintenance.


The integration of KWHotel PMS with Sezam24 kiosk represents a significant advancement in hotel management technology. This powerful combination offers small and budget hotels an affordable yet robust solution to enhance operational efficiency and improve guest satisfaction. As the hospitality industry continues to evolve, adopting such innovative technologies will be essential for staying competitive and meeting the ever-changing demands of travelers.