Revolutionizing Hotel Management with PMS Ibelsa and Sezam24 Kiosk Integration

In the ever-evolving hospitality industry, efficient management systems and guest services are crucial for maintaining a competitive edge. German-made PMS Ibelsa, known for its robust compliance with German government regulations and its ability to generate essential reports, has integrated seamlessly with the innovative Sezam24 hotel kiosk. This powerful combination is set to transform hotel operations, particularly for establishments looking to optimize their processes and reduce operational costs.

Seamless Check-In Experience

Hotels equipped with the Sezam24 outdoor hotel kiosk can now operate without the need for human staff during the check-in process. This state-of-the-art kiosk allows guests to check-in, make payments, and receive their room keys autonomously. For smaller hotels, the Sezam24 Air tablet kiosk offers a compact and efficient solution, ensuring that even establishments with limited space can benefit from advanced check-in technology.

Ideal Solutions for Various Hotel Environments

For hotels with a lobby area, the S24Pro indoor check-in kiosk provides an ideal solution. This sophisticated kiosk is designed to handle high volumes of guests efficiently, ensuring a smooth and professional check-in experience. The integration of PMS Ibelsa with Sezam24 kiosks ensures that all guest information is accurately recorded and managed, providing hotel staff with real-time data and analytics to enhance operational efficiency.

Enhanced Guest Services

The integration of PMS Ibelsa and Sezam24 kiosks goes beyond just check-in. Features such as early check-in, walk-in reservations, and lost card retrieval offer significant benefits to both guests and hotel operators. Early check-in allows guests to access their rooms ahead of the standard check-in time, enhancing their overall experience. Walk-in reservations enable spontaneous travelers to secure a room quickly and conveniently, while the lost card retrieval feature ensures that guests can easily obtain a new room key without hassle.

Operational Cost Reduction

One of the most significant advantages of this integration is the potential for substantial cost savings. By automating the check-in process and reducing the need for front desk staff, hotels can lower their operational expenses significantly. This reduction in costs does not come at the expense of service quality; on the contrary, it allows hotel staff to focus on more personalized guest interactions and other critical tasks that enhance the overall guest experience.


The integration of PMS Ibelsa with Sezam24 hotel kiosks marks a significant advancement in hotel management technology. This powerful combination offers a comprehensive solution that enhances guest services, improves operational efficiency, and reduces costs. Hotels of all sizes can benefit from this innovative technology, ensuring they remain competitive in an increasingly demanding market.

By adopting PMS Ibelsa and Sezam24 kiosks, hotels can provide a seamless, efficient, and modern check-in experience that meets the needs of today’s tech-savvy travelers.