Enhancing Hotel Operations with PMS Guestline and Sezam24 Integration

In the ever-evolving hospitality industry, efficiency and guest satisfaction are paramount. PMS Guestline users can now leverage the seamless integration with Sezam24 hotel kiosks to achieve a new level of operational excellence. This integration allows hotels to operate without the need for human staff, offering a streamlined check-in process, secure payment acceptance, and instant room key retrieval through the hotel’s check-in kiosk.

Benefits of Sezam24 Integration

1. Automated Check-In and Payment Processing
Hotels equipped with Sezam24 outdoor kiosks can provide guests with a fully automated check-in experience. Guests can easily check in, make payments, and receive their room keys directly from the kiosk, eliminating the need for front desk personnel. This not only speeds up the check-in process but also enhances guest convenience, particularly for late arrivals.

2. Versatile Solutions for Different Hotel Sizes
Sezam24 offers tailored solutions to meet the needs of various hotel sizes. Small hotels can utilize the Sezam24 Air tablet kiosk, which provides a compact and efficient check-in solution. For larger hotels with lobbies, the S24Pro indoor check-in kiosk is an ideal choice, offering a robust and user-friendly interface for guests.

3. Additional Features to Enhance Guest Experience
The integration of Sezam24 kiosks with PMS Guestline comes with several additional features designed to further improve hotel operations and guest satisfaction:
Early Check-In: Guests can check in before the standard time, subject to room availability, providing flexibility and convenience.
Walk-In Reservations: The kiosk allows for on-the-spot reservations, catering to guests who arrive without prior bookings.
Lost Card Retrieval: In case a guest loses their room key card, they can easily retrieve a new one from the kiosk, reducing the need for staff intervention.

Operational Efficiency and Cost Reduction

By adopting Sezam24 kiosks integrated with PMS Guestline, hotels can significantly reduce their operational costs. The automation of check-in processes minimizes the need for front desk staff, allowing hotels to allocate resources more effectively. Additionally, the reduction in manual processes leads to fewer errors and improved overall efficiency.


The integration of PMS Guestline with Sezam24 hotel kiosks represents a significant advancement in hotel management technology. By offering automated check-in solutions, versatile kiosk options, and additional features that enhance guest experience, hotels can achieve greater operational efficiency and cost savings. Embracing this technology allows hotels to meet the demands of modern travelers while maintaining a high standard of service.

For more information on how PMS Guestline and Sezam24 can transform your hotel operations, please contact our support team or visit our website.