In the competitive hospitality industry, efficiency and guest satisfaction are crucial. The integration of Roger access control systems with Sezam24 self-service kiosks provides a game-changing solution for hotels wanting to improve operational efficiency and enhance guest experiences. This article highlights the process and benefits of integrating these advanced systems.

Overview of Roger Access Control Systems

Roger, a top supplier of access control solutions in Poland, offers products ranging from basic code locks to the advanced RACS 5 system that integrates building automation and alarm controls. Known for their reliability, functionality, and affordability, Roger’s systems are widely trusted with thousands of installations.

Overview of Sezam24 Self-Service Kiosks

Sezam24’s kiosks enable a seamless, contactless hotel check-in and check-out process. They easily integrate with Property Management Systems (PMS), support over 50 languages, and accept multiple payment methods. The kiosks can encode room keys quickly and use advanced AI for smooth language switching and precise ID recognition. Hotel staff can remotely manage reservations and guest stays, making operations more efficient and significantly improving guest satisfaction.

Integration Benefits

Connecting Roger access control systems with Sezam24 kiosks offers several advantages. Hotels can adopt self-service models, resulting in cost savings due to reduced staff requirements, while guests receive a frictionless check-in and check-out process, boosting their satisfaction levels.

Integration Steps

To connect Rogar access systems to Sezam24, follow these steps:

Step 1: Roger Configuration
1. Setup Interface Listening Port: Use default port 8892 if it is possible.
2. Create Login Credentials: Provide Sezam24 with the necessary access details.

Step 2: Configure Roger Connection in Sezam24
1. Enter Roger Server Details: Provide the necessary IP address and port number.
2. Enable Proxy Connection: Activate this feature.
3. Input Login Credentials: Use the login details from Step 1.
4. Save Settings: Ensure all configurations are correctly saved and enabled.
5. Map PMS Rooms with Roger IDs: Link PMS rooms to the corresponding Roger system IDs for accurate key-card management.

Following these steps will allow seamless integration of Roger and Sezam24 systems, creating a more efficient and customer-centric hotel environment.


Integrating Roger access control systems with Sezam24 self-service kiosks pushes hotel management technology forward, delivering better operational efficiency, lowered costs, and improved guest experiences. Both companies showcase their innovative capabilities, setting a new benchmark in the hospitality sector.