A Seamless Check-In Experience: Sezam24 Kiosk at Galway Bay Sea View Apartments

I just had to share some exciting news about a game-changer we’ve recently introduced at the Galway Bay Sea View Apartments – the Sezam24 check-in kiosk. This cutting-edge solution has revamped our check-in procedure and greatly enhanced the guest experience.

Prior to implementing the Sezam24 kiosk, our check-in process faced several hurdles. Our front desk personnel had to be on duty around the clock to cater to guests arriving at any hour, often resulting in lengthy shifts. Additionally, there were occasions when guests found themselves locked out or having misplaced their keys, causing undue frustration and inconvenience for both them and our staff.

Introducing the Sezam24 kiosk has drastically changed this dynamic. This advanced self-service kiosk allows guests to check in at any hour, without needing staff assistance. With a simple, efficient procedure, guests retrieve their room keys by entering their booking information into the kiosk. Consequently, this has lessened the burden on our front desk staff, enabling them to concentrate more on providing personalized service.

One of the key advantages of the Sezam24 check-in kiosk is ensuring a smooth check-in process, especially for late-night arrivals. Our staff no longer needs to maintain a continuous presence to assist guests arriving after hours or those who have lost their keys. The kiosk is consistently accessible, providing reassurance to both staff and guests.

For instance, a guest arriving at 2 AM after a long international flight used the Sezam24 kiosk to check in effortlessly. The guest later commended the convenience of the kiosk and appreciated how it improved their travel experience.

Another scenario involved a family that misplaced their apartment key while exploring Galway. Instead of worrying or waiting for help, they simply used the kiosk to get a new key, allowing them to continue enjoying their vacation without any interruption.

The feedback from our guests has been overwhelmingly positive. Many have praised the ease and efficiency of the check-in process, with some noting it as a decisive factor in choosing our hotel over others.

In conclusion, the Sezam24 check-in kiosk has been a significant advantage for Galway Bay Sea View Apartments. Not only has it streamlined our operations, but it has also vastly improved our guest experience. I highly recommend this innovative solution to any hotel aiming to enhance their check-in process and ensure a seamless experience for their guests.