Greetings from the heart of Prague!

As the General Manager of Residence Jecna, I am thrilled to share our incredible journey with the Sezam24 Self-Service Kiosk. Over the past few years, this innovative technology has fundamentally transformed the way we operate, offering both our guests and staff unparalleled convenience and efficiency.

A New Era of Hospitality

When we first introduced the Sezam24 kiosk, we were stepping into uncharted territory. The idea of a fully automated check-in process, without a traditional reception, seemed ambitious. However, the results have far exceeded our expectations. Our guests have seamlessly adapted to the new system, appreciating the ease and speed with which they can check in and out of our residence.

Stories of Success

One of my favorite stories involves a family from Australia who arrived late at night after a long flight. They were exhausted and just wanted to get to their room as quickly as possible. Thanks to the Sezam24 kiosk, they were able to check in within minutes, bypassing the usual paperwork and queues. The next morning, they expressed their gratitude, highlighting how the kiosk made their arrival smooth and stress-free.

In another instance, a business traveler from Germany praised the kiosk for its efficiency. Arriving in Prague for an important meeting, he had little time to spare. The Sezam24 kiosk allowed him to check in swiftly, giving him ample time to prepare for his meeting. He later mentioned that this experience was a deciding factor in choosing to stay with us for future visits.

Empowering Hoteliers

One of the most significant benefits of the Sezam24 Self-Service Kiosk is the freedom it offers hoteliers. With this technology, we can manage our property from anywhere in the world. Whether I’m attending a hospitality conference in another country or enjoying a well-deserved vacation, I have peace of mind knowing that our guests are well taken care of.

This flexibility has also allowed us to optimize our staffing. Without the need for a 24/7 reception desk, our team can focus on other critical aspects of guest service, such as personalized concierge services and maintaining the high standards of our accommodations.

hotel check-in kiosk

Looking Ahead

As we continue to embrace this technology, we are excited about the future possibilities. The Sezam24 kiosk not only streamlines operations but also enhances the guest experience by offering a hassle-free check-in process. We are constantly exploring new ways to leverage this technology to further improve our services and ensure that every guest has an exceptional stay at Residence Jecna.

In conclusion, our partnership with Sezam24 has been nothing short of transformative. It has empowered us to deliver a higher level of service while granting us the freedom to manage our property from anywhere in the world. For any hoteliers considering this leap into automation, I wholeheartedly recommend embracing the Sezam24 Self-Service Kiosk. It’s a game-changer in the hospitality industry.

Warm regards,

Eugenia Hryshay

General Manager
Residence Jecna