Revolutionizing Hotel Management: ClockPMS+ and Sezam24 Kiosk Integration

In today’s fast-paced hospitality industry, efficiency and guest satisfaction are paramount. We are thrilled to announce the seamless integration of ClockPMS+ with Sezam24 hotel kiosks, a partnership that promises to elevate the standard of hotel management and guest services.

A New Era of Self-Service

With this integration, hoteliers can now leverage self-service kiosks to streamline operations, reducing the need for reception staff while enhancing the guest experience. The Sezam24 hotel kiosks are designed to handle a variety of tasks, ensuring a smooth and efficient check-in process.

Key Features of Sezam24 Hotel Kiosks

1. ID Verification: The kiosk reads guest IDs to verify their identity, ensuring a secure check-in process.
2. Payment Processing: Guests can make payments directly at the kiosk, simplifying the transaction process.
3. Room Key Encoding: The kiosk encodes room key cards on the spot, allowing guests immediate access to their rooms.

Enhanced Security and Convenience

The outdoor check-in kiosk by Sezam24 adds an extra layer of security. It ensures that only guests with verified documents can gain access to the hotel premises, thereby maintaining a secure environment.

Tailored Solutions for Different Needs

Sezam24 offers various kiosk models to cater to different hotel sizes and requirements:

– S24Air Tablet Hotel Kiosk: Ideal for small check-in areas and aparthotels, this compact solution provides all the essential features in a space-saving design.
– S24Pro Indoor Hotel Kiosk: This model offers a fully automated reception operation, making it perfect for larger hotels that aim to provide a high level of service with minimal staff intervention.

Additional Features for a Superior Guest Experience

The integration doesn’t stop at basic check-in functionalities. Additional features such as early check-in, lost card management, and a mobile pre-check-in app are also available, further enhancing the guest experience and operational efficiency.

Early Check-In

Guests can opt for early check-in, allowing them to settle into their rooms ahead of the standard check-in time.

Lost Card Management

In the event of a lost room key card, guests can easily get a replacement through the kiosk, minimizing inconvenience and downtime.

Mobile Pre-Check-In App

The mobile pre-check-in app allows guests to complete most of the check-in process before they even arrive at the hotel. This feature significantly reduces wait times and ensures a smoother arrival experience.


The integration of ClockPMS+ with Sezam24 hotel kiosks marks a significant step forward in hotel management technology. By embracing these innovative solutions, hoteliers can improve operational efficiency, enhance security, and provide a superior guest experience. As the hospitality industry continues to evolve, staying ahead with advanced technology like this will be key to maintaining competitiveness and guest satisfaction.

We invite all ClockPMS+ users to explore the benefits of this integration and take their hotel operations to the next level.