Over the past several years, our high-load, fully booked budget hotel has experienced a transformative shift in guest experience and operational efficiency, thanks to the integration of these state-of-the-art kiosks.

In an industry where guest satisfaction is paramount, we sought a solution that would streamline the check-in process, especially during peak times when our hotel is at full capacity. The Sezam24 check-in kiosks have not only met but exceeded our expectations. These kiosks have enabled us to offer a seamless, fully automated check-in experience without the need for human staff, significantly enhancing our service delivery.

One of the standout features of the Sezam24 kiosks is their ability to handle group check-ins effortlessly. In the past, managing large groups required considerable time and manual effort from our front desk staff. However, with Sezam24, groups can now check in swiftly and efficiently, reducing wait times and improving overall guest satisfaction. This capability has been particularly beneficial for tour groups and corporate clients who appreciate the quick and hassle-free process.

The introduction of Sezam24 Cloud has also played a pivotal role in our success. By leveraging this advanced technology, we have seen a revenue increase of up to 20%. The cloud-based system allows us to manage reservations and guest data seamlessly, ensuring that our operations run smoothly even during high occupancy periods. The automated walk-in reservation feature has been a game-changer, enabling us to capture additional revenue from last-minute guests who prefer the convenience of immediate check-ins.

Our guests have expressed immense satisfaction with the speed and efficiency of the Sezam24 kiosks. The pre-check-in apps allow guests to complete most of the check-in process before arriving at the hotel, further reducing wait times and enhancing their overall experience. This modern approach to hospitality has not only improved guest satisfaction but has also freed up our staff to focus on providing personalized service in other areas.

The success stories we have witnessed are numerous. One memorable instance involved a large international conference group that arrived late at night. Thanks to the Sezam24 kiosks, the entire group was able to check in within minutes, avoiding the frustration of long queues and ensuring they could rest immediately after their journey. This kind of efficiency has become a hallmark of our hotel’s service offering.

In conclusion, the integration of Sezam24 check-in kiosks at Discounts Prague Hotel has revolutionized our operations and guest experience. The combination of fully automated kiosks, pre-check-in apps, and the powerful Sezam24 Cloud system has driven significant revenue growth and elevated guest satisfaction to new heights. As we continue to embrace innovative solutions, we are excited about the future and remain committed to providing exceptional service to all our guests.

By adopting Sezam24 technology, we have set a new standard for budget hotels, proving that high efficiency and superior guest experiences are achievable without compromising on quality.

Renata Bergova

General Manager

Discounts Prague Hotel