In the ever-evolving landscape of the hospitality industry, integrating advanced technologies is paramount for enhancing guest experiences and streamlining operations. The integration between Sezam24 hotel check-in kiosks and Orbita RFID door locks represents a significant leap forward in hotel automation, offering a seamless and efficient solution for both guests and hoteliers.

The Power of Integration

The collaboration between Sezam24 and Orbita enables hotels to automate the key-card encoding process directly at the self-service kiosk. Upon successful reservation, guests can conveniently encode their key-cards at the kiosk, which are programmed to be valid only for the duration of their stay. Once the check-out process is completed, the key-cards automatically deactivate, ensuring security and efficiency.

Benefits of Self-Service Kiosks

1. Reduced Operational Costs: By minimizing the need for extensive front-desk staff, hotels can significantly cut down on labor costs.
2. Enhanced Efficiency: Streamlining the check-in and check-out processes reduces wait times and enhances guest satisfaction.
3. Improved Service Quality: Automated systems minimize human error, ensuring a flawless guest experience.
4. Staff-less Operations: The possibility of running a staff-less hotel becomes feasible, especially for smaller establishments or during off-peak hours.

About Orbita

Orbita is a renowned manufacturer in the hospitality sector, known for its high-quality products and professional service. With an ISO-certified 46,000 square meter factory, Orbita offers an array of products including hotel card locking systems, in-room safes, minibars, touch screen switches, and more. Their products integrate advanced technologies from industry leaders like Siemens, Dallas, Atmel, and Philips.

Orbita’s locking systems are certified by popular Property Management Systems (PMS) like Opera Fidelio, ensuring wide-ranging compatibility. All Orbita products are CE, FCC, and RoHS marked, with additional regional certifications such as SASO, SONCAP, and SIRIM. Trusted by over 20,000 hotels and other establishments worldwide, Orbita’s clientele includes prestigious hotel groups like Accor, Marriott, Hilton, and Intercontinental.

About Sezam24

Sezam24 is at the forefront of transforming hotel operations with its Self-Service Hotel Check-In Kiosk. This innovative solution alleviates the workload of hotel staff by providing a quick and flawless check-in experience. The kiosk ensures a seamless and stress-free registration process, enhancing operational excellence and guest satisfaction.

Setting Up the Integration

Integrating Sezam24 check-in kiosks with Orbita door locks is a straightforward process:

1. Get Your Orbita Hotel Password: Obtain the Hotel Password in your Orbita Installation.

2. Enter the Code into Sezam24 Management System: Navigate to Access System > Orbita in the Sezam24 Management System and input your hotel code. Save the changes.
3. Map PMS Rooms with Orbita Room IDs: Match your PMS room numbers with Orbita room IDs. For example, if your building number is 1 and the room is 203, you should write the room ID as 010203.


The combined use of Sezam24 check-in kiosks and Orbita RFID door locks revolutionizes hotel operations. It significantly improves guest convenience and operational efficiency—making it a vital tech advancement for hotels looking to stay competitive. Embrace this leap in technology to transform your hotel experience and deliver unmatched guest satisfaction.