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Who are we

Sezam24 is a technological leader in guest registration systems with its very own automated contactless check-in kiosks. Our team has over 25 years of experience in IT and Telecom world, so we were able to create the device that works 24/7 providing high-quality service and easy-to-use software with data registration to make life easier for both the hotel staff and the guests.

To develop Sezam24 (automatic checkout) we purposely took a hotel under our management, where we collected feedback from guests for a year and studied all the details of the hotel business and guests’ attitude to the automation process. This helped us to create the most perfect product, which has no analogs on the market so far. At Sezam24 we used the latest and smartest technology with artificial intelligence, that even predicts when a guest will arrive and what language they might speak. Checking in-out became incredibly easy and fast.

Our mission
Everyone had the experience of being tired after the long flight, just to arrive at the hotel and check-in as soon as possible. However, the lineup at the front desk just makes it harder for staff to keep up during the rush and this makes guests more irritated. We thought about the idea, that we could change it and make the process fast and smooth, so you wouldn’t need to make your guests wait any longer. For us, first impression matters and we want to make sure it will be positive when they first enter your hotel.
Our team knew, that it will not be easy to create an AI system that will predict various factors and outcomes as we saw unsuccessful attempts from our competitors. While they tried to work on the actual computer, we found a way to control the whole process from the Cloud, which gave us a huge step ahead. This is why we dedicated all our resources and efforts to making the best of the existing products. You can let Sezam24 do all the work for you, so your staff could do their designated tasks and give them more flexibility to assist the guests. Digital is important, but let us not forget about physical interactions as we are all humans, so your assistants could help the guests to have a pleasant stay.
Our core values

Simplicity and Accessibility

We always wanted to make sure our devices are easy to use for people with advanced tech knowledge as much as for those who are not used to the digital world.

Anyone can interact with Sezam24 without any difficulties.

Ongoing Support

As much as the system is automated and well designed, any technology requires maintenance and IT support. We have a team of professionals who are ready 24/7 to assist you in any needs.


Our main goal was to make sure the system works alone without interference and frequent maintenance, this is why we spent many years developing Sezam24 and making it work the way it does today.

You do not need to have staff at the front desk while having one of our devices installed!


We are focused to share our knowledge with people with the aim to empower hoteliers, regardless of their business size and their location. With many years of experience, we are able to share tips and tricks to help with the expansion of your business.

Why us?

Reasons why we dominate the market:

– One of our main keys to successful market integration is we provide a cloud-based solution. All devices are managed and updated remotely, always with new features and timeless technology.  Our team of professionals goes along with the progress and is often ahead of it.

– If our system is already integrated with the hotel management system, it is available to any of our customers. You can change PMS, POS or type of locks in a couple of minutes directly in the admin panel without needing to have our physical support. Competitor’s solutions require a technician to come out and install the system again, but not us!

– The systems from most competitors are not updated frequently and are more expensive to maintain. The repairs require the participation of the technician. We simply send the device for replacement by courier. It is faster and cost-effective

– If Sezam24 device runs out of cards, the POS is not available or there is no Internet connection at the hotel, the system contacts the hotel manager with required measures beforehand. We are working on preventing problems before they appear

–  We have AI inside the platform, which makes the check-in process incredibly fast and convenient. Sezam24 will try to turn on the right language automatically, indicating when the guest arrives and what language he might be speaking.