Sezam24 Online

The easiest check-in process at the tip of your fingers.
Make your arrival at the hotel more convenient and timely with our Sezam24 Online mobile app.

Sezam24 Mobile check in application for Hotels

The century of Millennials is here.

More and more people are using their smartphones to check-in online in hotels, and with Sezam24 hotel mobile check-in application, a guest will save time upon arrival with fewer steps to complete at the hotel check-in kiosk.

Sezam24 Online will help you to prepare the guests before their arrival at the hotel and make check-in even faster.
Our application is a web progressive technology with a hyperlink to invite the guest to check in online. It will come with the booking confirmation or be sent a few days before they arrive. The guest can check-in on any mobile, tablet, or desktop, and all the data will be sent and stored in the PMS.

Main S24 Online Features:

  • Enter a booking number
  • Make a payment
  • Scan the ID
  • Put a blank card in the encoder
  • Click to program it
  • Acquire room card and receipt
  • Enjoy your stay


Check-in in advance in a convenient time and place

More free time for other business


Automated filling registration forms and sending to the government

Hotel mobile check-in application

Hotel mobile check-in application

Branded Progressive Web Application with email service

Digital Transformation
  • Downloading is not required, works in any browser
  • Bookings from OTA, travel agencies, website
  • Pre-check-in emails
  • Simple UI
  • QR-code pass
  • GDPR compliant
How your guest will use it:

Pre-Check-In email

On the day of arrival, the guest will receive an e-mail for online check-in.

Registration form

The registration form is signed and stored in the PMS.

Accommodation pass

The QR code in the application recognized by S24 Air/Pro in the hotel to encode the room card.

Get Sezam24 Hotel mobile check in for free

The Sezam24 Hotel mobile check-in application is included free charge with S24 Pro and S24 Air hotel check-in kiosks.

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