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Improvements after implementing Sezam24



  • Paper registration forms at reception on arrival
  • Staff processing guest credit cards on arrival

  • Guest frequently losing keys


  • Automated pre-authorisations and room payments on arrival
  • Registration forms completed digitally

  • Freed up time to generate new bookings

Lost Key – huge deal for us!

Karina Rozenberga

Managing director, Galway Bay Sea View Apartments

Check-in procedure made very easy –

– we used to send check-in instructions manually to every single guest, issuing keys manually on daily basis, putting them in to check in boxes for every arrival. Now all these processes are automated, so saves a lot of admin hours allowing me to concentrate on reservations and revenue management rather than doing routine admin tasks.


– we normally charge everyone in advance on arrival, however, if there is ever a last-minute booking or an additional fee that was not pre-paid this can be paid on the kiosk, so we do not need to have a staff member on-site to receive the outstanding balance. This is saving us on staff working hours.

Check-in time is very short

– for guests who did the pre-check-in, guests find it very convenient.


– guests can arrive any time once the check-in is open, so no need to have a staff member on-site to meet them.

Lost Key

– huge deal for us! this is a great feature as now we do not need a 24H presence in the building to ensure someone is here if a guest gets locked out of the apartment or loses their key.

One step to automation

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