Some of your questions

The Sezam24 kiosk is fully integrated with your PMS, locks and payment system.

With any electronic hotel locks for RFID-cards MIFARE.

With contactless smartcards MIFARE.


Sezam24 scans and recognizes passports and IDs of any State.

Yes, it can. A guest only needs to place the ID on the kiosk scanner window, and the kiosk scans and recognizes the image, then automatically fills in the relevant registration form fields with received data.

Only one. But if a guest places his document the wrong side, an additional scanning will be necessary. In this case there will be a message on the screen informing why the registration form can’t be filled in and what the guest should do to complete the scanning succesfully.

 Yes, the Sezam24 kiosk recognizes all the kinds of identity documents.

The kiosk only processes personal data but doesn’t store it.

Sezam24 is a ready-made solution, you purchase the kiosk already integrated with your payment system.

Only if the guest knows the card PIN.

Yes, it is. There is a hotel logo on the kiosk screen. Also receipts and vouchers can be printed with a background, such as a pictures, logotype or slogan.

It’s a ready-made solution, just plug it in.

Yes, the kiosk can act as a night receptionist or replace staff on maternity, periodic or sick leave.

This kiosk was designed especially for hotels, it allows guests to make the self check-in without the presence of hotel staff. It’s got enough necessary functions for this work. It is NOT just a payment terminal.